Britney and Madonna fans are more mature

In this post, I am not comparing Britney and Madonna fans to any other fan base out there, but what I am saying is that these two fan bases do come around as more mature for several reasons:

1. Britney fans went through very difficult times with Britney. While the whole world was having fun times laughing at Britney and her hardhips through the overdramatic magazines’ tabloids, her fan base was there rooting for her, supporting her, and sharing her pain and tears. They saw her as a real human more than anything else. There was less delusion or star infatuation, or pride, and more compassion, understanding and humility. 

2. When no one else dared to stretch out a helping hand to Britney, Madonna took her by the hand and lifted her back on the feet! “She is not your bitch” - Madonna on Britney.

3. It would make sense to assume that Madonna’s fan base consists more of people of her own age, wouldn’t it? But that would be absolutely wrong! Actually, Madonna has more younger fans than she has older. People eventually “grow out” of obsessive Madonna-mania. With age, people find themselves more preoccupied with family, career, and other major personal affairs. Madonna’s fan base, consisting mostly of people ages 12 to 35, can be found at her world tours as proof! Her fan base grows steadily with each album!  

4. If Madonna’s fan base is young, then how are they mature? Standing by your Queen, realizing her legendary status, having respect for a woman of a 30 year career, already suggests the level of wisdom and understanding! Having to cope with constant attacks on Madonna’s past ups and downs, battling agism, fighting against prejudice and jealousy from other fan bases who are eager to promote some new girl to be the Queen of Pop… All of that will not only make Madonna fans mature, but will make them wiser and stronger.